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Bombeo seguro y eficiente de disolventes en Bayer MaterialScience
Bayer MaterialScience (BMS) es un fabricante de materiales de altas prestaciones que confió en la CR MAGDrive para el bombeo seguro de disolventes.
Brussels cleans up its wastewater
The River Senne: From open sewer to living river
Bürener Maschinenfabrik GmbH
Bürener Maschinenfabrik GmbH
Charmilles Geneva
Charmilles Geneva
Clearing the air with Grundfos
BOC Gases has chosen to use Grundfos pumps in all its systems.
Conserving Bahrain's water resources with Grundfos
Large-scale wastewater pumps from Grundfos help Bahrain conserve its water resources as efficiently as possible.
Constant pressure for machine tool
The Mayfran Company, with more than 1000 employees worldwide and production sites in the United States, Europe and Asia, is one of the leading global manufacturers of conveyor and filtration systems for the metalworking industry.
Control y automatización total
La Central Eléctrica BOT Elektrownia Opole S.A. se encuentra a 9 km de la ciudad de Opole, en el rio Mala Panew que fluye al rio Odra. Las instalaciones de producción exitentes y previstas cubren 290 hectáreas. Esta ubicación asegura una buena oportunidad de suministrar electricidad al área Suroeste de Olonia, así como la transferencia de energía a otras partes del país y del extranjero.
Controlling vast water volumes at the Dubai Drydocks
Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The Dubai Drydocks have moved on from their early beginnings in 1971 to become one of the leading ship repair yards in the world – and the premier yard between Europe and the Far East.
CR paid for itself after two batches
Agrochemical manufacturer Albaugh Inc. is one of the largest producers of generic herbicide in the US. Albaugh Inc. annually produces some 20 mill. gallons of product around the clock. In their hot water filter wash application, the Missouri-based plant washes 40 batches on a typical day.