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Grundfos NB - 10 semanas de eficiencia máxima
Italagro ha optado este año por mejorar su fábrica y eligió como socio a Grundfos: dos bombas Grundfos NK 150-400 aseguran el transporte de agua, cerca de 600 m3/hora
Grundfos Pump Audit Identifies More Than 80 Percent Annual Energy Cost ...
Owners of the Mani Brothers 14-story, 232,476 sq. ft. commercial office building in West Hollywood, CA. was having problems with their potable water booster pumps.
Grundfos pumps improve the quality of life in China
The new wastewater treatment plant in Deyang City has removed the city’s odour problems and reduced the pollution of the Rivers to a minimum. However, it took a Life Cycle Cost Calculation to convince the World Bank that the Grundfos solution was in fact the most economical investment
Grundfos pumps in 1,000 m3/day RO plant in Algeria
Astramatic S.A., Barcelona, Spain, is an engineering and consulting company that designs, builds, manufactures, and maintains industrial process water treatment plants adapted to all needs and situations.
Grundfos Remote Management monitors wastewater pumping stations in Lativa
Grundfos Remote Management monitors wastewater pumping stations in Lativa
Grundfos suministra un bombeo fiable y de bajo coste en Guadalajara, México
La perla de México del oeste, Guadalajara es la segunda ciudad más grande del país. Al visitar la ciudad, se sumergirá en una metrópolis muy ocupada, albergando uno de los mayores centros culturales y de negocios.
Grundfos thinks outside of the box in Costa Rica
The capital of Costa Rica, San José is fascinating. It was founded in 1737, but didn’t really experience great importance to Costa Rican society until the end of the nineteenth century. Even so, its population was small as late as the 1950’s, until growing to over 1,000,000 today.
High ambitions for Moscow’s Tower 2000
The prestigious Moscow City project covers 100 hectares in Moscow’s central business district, and is due to be completed in 2010. Often described as Moscow’s first “smart building”, the 34-storey Tower 2000 complex contains offices, retail stores, restaurants, underground parking and an observation platform that provides spectacular views of the city.
High pressure pump for RO plant
Weil Industrieanlagen GmbH is a specialist in water purification and water treatment and was established in 1986. The water purification and water treatment techniques both use membrane technology, (reverse osmosis, nano-filtration, and micro-filtration). The company focuses mainly on three technology areas: building technology, energy technology and pharmaceutical and medical technology.
Kingscliff Wastewater Treatment Plant
Kingscliff Wastewater Treatment Plant