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Customised solution for Switzerland’s largest shopping centre
Einkaufszentrum Glatt is the largest independent shopping centre in Switzerland, and is at the top of the Swiss league in terms of annual turnover (CHF 632.5 million in 2003). Covering more than 43,000 m2, this complex features two department stores, four specialised retail stores, fi ve restaurants, four bars and 90 specialty shops, with parking space for 4,750 cars. The shopping centre employs approximately 1,250 people and was visited by 6,925 million customers in 2003.
Cutting the cost of district heating
Göteborg Energi is a wholly owned subsidiary of Göteborg Kommunala Förvaltnings AB in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company provides district heating, cooling, natural gas, energy services, an optical fibre network and an electricity supply network. The Göteborg Energi district heating network extends over a length of 700 km, and provides heating for more than 90% of all the apartment blocks in Gothenburg.
Dressing producer prepares for expansions
Danish company Graasten Salater A/S was established in 1947 and has since then produced a variety of food dressings at its headquarters in Graasten, southern Jutland. The wide range of dressings are distributed and marketed primarily in Denmark. However, export to nearby markets is being developed.
Drinking water for the University of Aachen Medical Faculty
Almost all of the University of Aachen Medical Faculty's facilities are located in the truly gigantic building that is the University Clinic. The clinic employees around 6,300 people, and treats around 45,000 in-patients and 120,000 out-patients each year. Furthermore, each year 900 children come into the world at the Uni Clinic in Aachen!
Energy treatment working better than expected
Hospital achieves unexpected dramatic reduction in electricity consumption by switching to Grundfos Magna pumps
Environmental progress in China supported by Grundfos products
Grundfos products at the Tongren Wastewater Treatment Plant help protect the remarkable Fanjing Shan nature reserve.
Equilibrado hidráulico de una instalación de suelo radiante con ALPHA3 en Madrid
Grundfos ha implementado por vez primera en España su Sistema ALPHA3, que garantiza un equilibrado hidráulico de la instalación rápido, sencillo y con el máximo ahorro energético.
Estación Central Berlin Hauptbahnhof
Una estación imponente, que representa el zenit de la arquitectura y la logística, ha sido desarrollada por la institución gubernamental en Berlin. La estación da la bievenida a 300.000 viajeros y visitantes cada día y despide a trenes cada 90 segundos.
Eurawasser, Lübzin Waterworks
Eurawasser, Lübzin Waterworks
Flexible high-pressure supply of cooling lubricants
E-Solution increases process efficiency and reduces energy costs