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Sony Center, Berlin, Potsdamer Platz
Sony is one of the world's leading and most familiar audio, video, telecommunications and information technology companies; its products include TVs, video recorders, CD and DVD players plus products such as camcorders and games consoles.
Sporty pumps at SAP Arena, Mannheim
The SAP Arena, opened in September 2005 in Mannheim, is one of the most modern sport and event venues in Europe. The building is a hugely versatile multifunctional arena: as well as ice hockey and handball games, the programme includes classical music concerts, musicals and large conferences held by local companies. Quick and easy conversion from an ice stadium to a handball pitch, a concert hall or a theatre stage is made possible thanks to state-of-the-art technology. Daniel Hopp, managing ...
Submersible pumps for vacuum filtration
This useful installation concept from the Bürener Maschinenfabrik (bmf) has already won over several companies in the machine tool industry: the integration of a coil-type suction filter directly in the coolant tank means that the overall coolant conditioning equipment is very compact, with the purification tank no longer required. One of the main components of the concept is a modified immersible pump from Grundfos.
Supreme hotel relies on supreme water disinfection by Grundfos
The biggest 5-star hotel in Sofia disinfects water with Grundfos dosing and disinfection systems.
Tired of waiting for hot water?
How long do you wait for hot water? Millions of homes around Australia feature hot water reticulation systems that offer no choice but to waste thousands of litres of water annually.
Un hospital Belga ampliará sus instalaciones un 40 % sin aumentar el consumo ...
Pump replacement will help UZ Brussel become one of Belgium’s most sustainable hospitals
Un hotel de lujo reduce el consumo energético a la mitad sin que eso afecte ...
In 2010, Midea renovated its headquarters in Shunde, China. The company used another brand of pumps. By 2011, high electricity costs, high noise and other problems from those pumps encouraged the owners to look for a better solution. They installed Grundfos, which immediately cut their running costs in half.
Un sistema de protección contra incendios Grundfos protege el paraíso de las ...
Portugal, Alcochete: El Oulet de diseñadores Freeport en Lisboa se inauguró oficialmente en Septiembre de 2004, albergando más de 200 tiendas, 40 restaurantes y cafés y diversas instalaciones de ocio como un multicines con 21 salas y un anfiteatro con entretenimiento semanal. A diferencia de los centros comerciales tradicionales Freeport es al aire libre imitando una pequeña ciudad.
Una anticuada planta de tratamiento pasó a convertirse en una de las mejores ...
Tomaszów updated its wastewater plant with a full-line supply of Grundfos pumps, mixers, optimised tank design and project execution. The city saved 50% energy and improved its water output to be among the best in Poland.
Una estación de bombeo resuelve el problema crónico de inundaciones y mejora ...
Grundfos supplied six large KPL axial flow propeller pumps, which each can handle 325 m3/min (85,865 gal/min), as well as two smaller KPL pumps that handle 150 m3/min (39,630 gal/min), for a total capacity of 35 m3 per second, or 126,000 m3/hour (554,820 gal/min).